Deal alert: New United Airlines promo code can save you 15% on your next flight

3 April 2023

Want to save money on your next United Airlines flight?

If so, and you’re flying economy on United by June 28 and booking by April 30, you can potentially save 15% on your base fare with the promo code UASKIES.

This United Airlines promo code works on one-way and roundtrip United and United Express-operated flights within the contiguous United States (so not Hawaii, Alaska and territories) booked directly with United. It is not valid on Basic Economy fares.

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How to use the United Airlines promo code

To use the United promo code, select ‘Advanced Search’ from the main United flight booking homepage.
Expand the ‘Promotions and Certificates’ section and enter code UASKIES.
Eligible flights and fares will display with a blue ‘Special Offer’ label.
Once you’ve selected your desired flight, click ‘Cost Breakdown’ to see your savings and ensure the code works.


What is especially interesting about this United promo code is how broadly it can be used, how long it is currently scheduled to last (though it can always end early) and that it is valid all the way into late June, a time by which the summer travel season typically has already picked up.

In other words, this is pretty unusual, so if you have United flights to book, today is your lucky day. Price out some trips and don’t forget to add this promo code to potentially save up to 15% on the base fare in the process.

Or, if Southwest Airlines is more your jam, then today is a good day for that, too, as there’s a new promo to earn a time-limited promotional Companion Pass with as little as one round-trip flight.

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